I greet you!

I was born in the Caucasus, at the foot of the Shugo volcano, intervening between two seas — the Black sea and the Azov sea, and guarding the beginnings of the Caucasus Ridge. Its slopes are washed by the river Kuban, wherein sturgeons and many other wonderful species live.

On coming into this world I was startled at its beauty and eternal mystery. Ever since I turned 3 and my hands touched the pencil, brushes and paints, I have been trying to tell about this world. Painting is another Universe to me, infinite and unknowable, which gives an opportunity to materialize the images, living beyond the logical boundaries and every-day world. It is painting that helps us to touch upon divine mysteries... I will be glad and happy, if we have a look at the world with my eyes.


Sergei Vorzhev